Placing Off Season Sports Gear In Storage

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Placing Off Season Sports Gear In Storage

Hi there, my name is Becky Strichertz. Welcome to my website about placing off season sports gear in storage. When I was playing sports through college, I placed myself on every team I could to learn all about the sports world. I hoped to develop a strong reputation as a sports star at my school. Not long after my first year, my apartment was filled to the brim with gear. I decided to place the items in storage during the off season. I will explore this topic in great detail on my site. I invite you to tag along to learn about this fun subject.


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Tips For Using An Outdoor Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit, but decided not to get an indoor unit with climate controls? If so, there are some tips that you can follow to help ensure the storage unit rental goes smoothly. 

Buy A Quality Lock

You don't want to run the risk of someone breaking into your storage unit when you are not around. Consider getting a high quality lock that will prevent others from easily being able to break in. Puck-style locks that have a very small visible clasp are going to be hard to break into for the typical criminal with bolt cutters.

Elevate Items Off The Floor

An outdoor unit runs the risk of having water seep in through the bottom of the garage door. It is best to raise items off the floor just in case some water gets into the unit from a very strong storm. You can do this by placing a board across the floor that is elevated using wood beams. You can also acquire old pallets that can be placed directly on the floor. For a more elegant solution, use shelves so that things can easily be stacked on top of each other. 

Use Silica Gel

Are you placing electronic items into self storage? These run the risk of becoming damaged due to moisture in the air that corrodes the metal components on the inside of an electronic device. One way to prevent this from happening is to use silica gel. This gel is placed in a box with an item, and is designed to absorb moisture in the air so that it does not rest on anything made of metal. 

Use Sheets For Covers

Don't make the mistake of trapping moisture on items by covering them with plastic. Instead, use breathable cloth so that moisture can escape and air can flow through the fabric. It will help prevent dust from collecting on items and prevent mold growth as well.

Polish Items

One way to prevent wood furniture from expanding and contracting in storage is to give it a good polish before you put the item away. The polish acts as a protective barrier that prevents moisture from getting into the wood. The same idea applies to things made out of leather, which can crack in a storage unit with fluctuating temperatures if you are not careful.

Reach out to your storage facility for more tips on using an outdoor storage unit rental