Placing Off Season Sports Gear In Storage

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Placing Off Season Sports Gear In Storage

Hi there, my name is Becky Strichertz. Welcome to my website about placing off season sports gear in storage. When I was playing sports through college, I placed myself on every team I could to learn all about the sports world. I hoped to develop a strong reputation as a sports star at my school. Not long after my first year, my apartment was filled to the brim with gear. I decided to place the items in storage during the off season. I will explore this topic in great detail on my site. I invite you to tag along to learn about this fun subject.


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3 Little-Known Services Often Offered By Storage Facilities You Need To Know

When you consider renting a storage unit, what is it that you think about initially? If you are like the average consumer, you will think about storing excess belongings or maybe even renting a unit in between homes. However, because there has been such a great need for storage rental, the available businesses have really amped up their game in service offerings. So, you shouldn't be surprised to see some pretty useful services offered by storage facility owners. Check out these three little-known services often offered by storage facilities that you will definitely be happy to know about. 

Moving Vehicle Rentals 

The moving and storage business naturally go hand in hand, which is why some storage businesses actually offer moving vehicle rentals right from their place of business. This can be incredibly convenient whether you are actually moving or you just need to haul some stuff from your house to the storage facility. You can simply stop in, rent the storage unit you need, and then rent a vehicle you can use to retrieve your items and bring them back to your unit. Otherwise, you may have to go through the usual trouble of finding someone with a truck or even renting a trailer or moving vehicle from another place. 

Packing, Storing, and Moving Supplies 

From the plastic storage totes you need to store your items safely to the boxes you need when you are moving, make sure you ask the storage facility manager if  they also have these supplies available for customers. Many of the most modern storage facilities actually do have the supplies available for sale their customers need for storing, packing, and moving items. This makes getting everything you need to get whatever task you are facing completed without having to go hunt for supplies somewhere else. 

Professional Moving Assistance

Have you got a large wardrobe that you have no way of moving into storage on your own? Are you running short on time and don't have enough avaulable help that can assist you with moving out of your home? If so, keep in mind that many storage facilities have on-site staff available that can help you with moving your belongings, whether it is moving into storage or a new home. The collaboration of storage and moving services now has evolved so much that many storage facilities do actially have employees on site to help customers move for an additional charge.